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Is the health of the computer systems and services that you rely on taken for granted? Waiting to address issues after a failure occurs not only stops work and pays unproductive staff members to sit around, it is more expensive than ongoing health assessments. With a little planning, many issues that would limit productivity and sap profitability can be detected and addressed without a site visit and before staff arrives for work. Properly planned replacements and upgrades won't leave the business flailing while key systems are unexpectedly down. Managed Care provides ongoing spot checks for security and health, maitenance, secure remote assistance, hardware and software inventory, all done unobtrusively and without interrruption. Results are analyzed by experts, and recommendations are provided for review and consideration.

Plans cover servers, workstations, and mobile devices.

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Security is not an afterthought

Is your online security hardened and tested? Yesterday's safecracker is today's cyber-thief. Firewalls and encryption have replaced combination locks and hardened steel doors to protect our valuables. While calling these thieves "hackers" is a misnomer, there's no mistaking the havoc they can cause for an individual or small business.

A trusted, layered approach to security can thwart 99.9% of attempted security breaches and thefts. Proper practices, security protocols and selection of equipment and software can prevent the reach of would-be attackers. Monitoring, probing, and scanning are keys to controlling access to confidential data.

Do you want to leave online security to chance? Ask for an assessment today!

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Skills, not scripts

Inspection is the key to assessing system health and diagnosing trouble spots, and can be performed in person or remotely through a secure connection. Ongoing, regular inspections can both detect and prevent issues.

Troubleshooting is an acquired skill, not a script we read on the phone.

Live Assistance can remotely troubleshoot many issues, while Managed Care can assess health on an ongoing basis and provide quick remote assistance very quickly and with minimal expense.

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It's your business

You started it so that you could run it your way with your dreams to guide you. The fact that most small business fail within 5 years shouldn't deter you. So how can technology be your partner and not a headache or time sink? Learn from experts.

In running our own small business for nearly 30 years, and helping others on the way to achieving their goals, our experience might best the business partner a small business can have. Partner your creativity and vision with ours.

We will help you establish and put to work time-tested principles and best technical practices that will let your talent shine, and bring you success and peace of mind.

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Outages will happen, computers will crash, and unfortunate events will occur... it's only a question of when. When systems or employees do fail, recovery can either be quick and painless or long and discouraging (and expensive). Ongoing productivity and profitability can be assured by planning ahead.

But if you're stuck now, help is available to get computers back on the right track. Nearly 3 decades of experience provides not only the foresight to repair failures, but to anticipate failures before they occur and design a trustworthy recovery plan for your small business.

Or just hope for the best... the choice is yours.

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Establishing your brand on the information superhighway can expand your visibility through websites, email addresses, and social media channels. Add a company website or blog, Facebook™ page or Twitter™ presence. Creativity is a hallmark of our service.

Having been around since before the Internet was a public thoroughfare has its advantages. Besides learning a few things we've established some partnerships with very talented people and companies. Let our experience work for you to bring customers in and keep them around.

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Networking joins 2 or more computers together to allow collaboration, boost efficiency, share the Internet, remotely connect from home, and accomplish a myriad of other goals. Upgrade older computers economically or replace to increase productivity and security. Add WiFi for portable or guest use without risking confidential data.

The possibilities don't stop here. Have an idea or question?

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